What’s the point applying for jobs? If I tick ‘yes, I have a criminal record’ it will go straight in the bin.

This is simply is no longer true. Disclosure is the first step to showing employers you have changed. As Patric says:

My past is dishonest, but my present is honest.

Huw, a manager at DHL, who distribute goods for many well known shops, regularly employs ex-offenders and firmly believes in “looking forward, not back”.

Whether it’s through schemes within prison or on release, employers or recruitment organisations who are actively looking to remove discrimination from the application process, or social enterprises and volunteering opportunities, there is genuinely less negativity surrounding employing ex-offenders these days.

Courtney, a prison based careers advisor says, “there are opportunities out there, you need to be prepared to take them”, and Roisin Currie, from Greggs, says: “[Ex-offenders] can offer Greggs a wealth of ability and experience and, as a business that continues to grow, it’s important that we are able to select from a wide pool of talent.”

What’s next?

Who are these ex-offender friendly employers?

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This page was last updated on February 14th, 2014

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