I have to tell an employer about my conviction, and I’m worried I won’t even get an interview.

You are going to need to convince an employer your criminal past is just that… in the past.

You might feel that no one understands your frustrations, or that you must be the only one struggling. We talk to many ex-offenders, and know that the hard work is worth it. We hear about amazing transformations and great opportunities. But as Patric says:

My experience has been that there are only two things one requires to break out of the cycle and that’s the desire to do it and somebody to help you. If you have those two things there isn’t anything that can’t be overcome, if you have the desire to do it.

Think about the following questions, go over your answers, and maybe talk it through with an advisor, or friend:

  • How long ago was your conviction?
  • Was it a one off?
  • What impact does the crime you committed have on the work you want to do?
  • How have your personal circumstances changed?
  • What have you done to prove you are work ready?
  • What has stopped you from re-offending?
  • Have you got evidence to show you can be trusted? Have you completed any training, done any volunteering?

If you’ve come up with answers for the above and you feel ready for work:

  • Identify jobs you have the skills for
  • If you need to build your skills considering volunteering and you can do that through organisations that specialise helping ex offenders find voluntary work (see useful organisations)
  • Get help with application by getting help from an organisation that helps ex offenders who can help you identify offender friendly opportunities and support (see useful organisations)

What’s next?

Applying for work

Patric’s story

This page was last updated on February 14th, 2014

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